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Frequently Asked Questions - Candidates

What types of positions do you fill?

  • Office/Administration/Clerical
  • Human Resources
  • Finance/ Accounting/ AR/AP
  • Sales/Marketing/Management
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Customer Service/ Contact Centre
  • Skilled Trades

What is the difference between contract staffing and permanent recruitment?

Contract staffing generally refers to temporary assistance that may be required by a company for special projects, parental leaves, peak work periods, urgent situations, employee leaves of absence and more. Contract staffing allows an employer to meet their immediate staffing needs quickly and flexibly. Additionally, employers may want to consider candidates as potential permanent employees by hiring them on contract first. It also gives candidates the opportunity to get firsthand experience in a field they may not have a great deal of experience in. By working on contract temporarily it allows you to also get a good feel for the company and the position.

In contrast, permanent recruitment refers to a more in-depth search process for a candidate who will be hired directly by the employer on a long-term basis. These positions often involve more than one interview and more in-depth testing.

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What are the benefits of contract versus permanent employment?

While many job seekers are looking for the stability that comes with permanent employment, contract employment offers several advantages as well. The hiring process is much quicker. Some candidates prefer the flexibility and variety provided by contract employment. For others, it can be an opportunity to test-drive a company, to see whether it makes sense to accept permanent employment should the company make an offer. In about 40% of our assignments, the contract employee is hired permanently by the company.

Whatever your preference, our aim is to help you find a position that fits your long-term career goals.

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I am currently working and my employer is not aware of my job search. How will you ensure confidentiality?

We will not present your resume or discuss your career goals with any potential employer without your prior approval. The entire placement process has been designed with a view towards protecting the confidentiality of job candidates. You can depend on our integrity to help maintain yours. When presenting your resume, we take off any personal information that may be attached to your resume so they cannot find out who you are without your consent.

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Once I am registered with Staffmax, how long will it take to be placed?

While we place significant emphasis on a candidate's skills and experience, our primary focus is on "fit" - finding the candidate that fits not only the role, but the company as well. Consequently, we may have the ideal opportunity for you immediately, or it may be some time before the position that's just right for you becomes available. If any of your file details change in the interim, we encourage you to update us whenever possible.

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Will it cost me anything to register with Staffmax?

No. All of our fees are paid for by the employer. There is no charge to candidates.

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What sets Staffmax apart from other recruitment firms?

First and foremost, we believe in strong candidate relationships. Our goal is to make our candidates happy by providing outstanding opportunities, great customer service and above average pay. We are also a Canadian owned and operated company and are proud of our roots.

Secondly, we are committed to a personal approach. We use sophisticated technology to track and match candidates to opportunities. However, we believe technology can only go so far. We listen. We get to know our clients and candidates well beyond job descriptions and resumes. We pay close attention to the your personal and professional aspirations - all with a view towards finding the opportunity that "fits" not only your career aspirations but your personality as well.

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