Connect your company to a pool of ready, reliable and experienced candidates


At Staffmax, our business is people. Our clients know that we take the time to understand their needs and that we care about ensuring their needs are met. We listen carefully so that we can match the skills, experience and profiles of our candidates with your exact requirements. We take care of all the details involved in the hiring process efficiently and effectively, leaving you with the best candidate.

It is increasingly common for a business to outsource their staffing needs. Why spend your time sifting through endless amounts of resumes when we can take that time consuming task off your hands. We post the ads, screen and test the candidates so only the most qualified individuals come across your desk. Hiring has become a more involved and lengthily process that many managers simply do not have the time to effectively screen, test, reference and hire a large volume of individuals on top of their busy schedules. Our goal is for clients to call us with their staffing needs and let us worry about the rest!



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