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What types of roles do you fill?

We fill both contract and permanent roles, from junior to senior levels, including: Office/Administration/Clerical, Human Resources, Finance/ Accounting/ AR/AP, Sales/Marketing/Management, Medical, Legal, Information Technology, Customer Service/ Contact Centre, Skilled Trades.

What is the difference between contract staffing and permanent recruitment?

Contract staffing generally refers to temporary assistance that may be required by your company for special projects, parental leaves, peak work periods, urgent situations, employee leaves of absence and more. Contract staffing allows you to meet your immediate staffing needs quickly and flexibly. Additionally, employers may want to evaluate the potential of a contract candidate as a permanent employee.

By contrast, permanent recruitment provides a more in-depth search process when you are looking to hire someone directly on a long-term basis.

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How long does it take to fill a position?

Before registering with us as a contract employee, candidates must pass a careful pre-screening process including skills testing, behavioural-based interviewing and reference checking. Consequently, our contractors are ready to go at a moment's notice. We fill contract positions very quickly -- on average, within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a request.

For permanent searches we will develop recruitment ads and advertise your position, conduct interviews tailored to your specific role and use our research methods to target candidates with industry experience who may not apply directly. While this process generally takes several weeks, we act quickly and work within your timeline. As a specialist firm, we can deliver results faster because we have existing relationships with industry specific candidates and associations.

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If I could always try an employee out on a contract basis, why would I commit to hiring permanently?

Hiring on contract is usually the best option when there are peak work periods or when an employer, for whatever reason, does not wish to commit to a permanent hire. Our pool of candidates available for contract employment consists of those individuals who have passed our pre-screening process, are ready to work immediately and are open to contract employment. Generally speaking, contract hiring is the way to go when you require someone quickly or desire flexibility in the working relationship.

In other situations, it often makes sense to hire someone permanently. If you have a definite need for a permanent employee and you have more than two weeks to hire the right person, conducting a permanent search is probably the best option as it will allow us to draw on a much larger pool of potential candidates.

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Can I determine the length of a contract?

Absolutely. Our contracts are designed to ensure you have complete flexibility in your staffing needs. While it helps the process considerably to know the approximate length at the start of your contract, you are free to terminate the contract at any time, without penalty, should your needs change.

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Do contract employees ever become permanent employees?

Yes, in about 40% of our assignments, the contract employee is hired permanently by our client, either during the contract or following its completion. In fact, many employers view the contract option as a good way of trying out someone for the job before making the decision to hire permanently.

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How much does the service cost?

On a contract staffing basis, our fee is built into an hourly rate which includes all costs -- the employee's salary, employer EI and CPP benefits, and contract staffing fees. The hourly rate depends on the employee's experience and skills, the services required and the length of the contract.

For permanent recruitment, we charge a one-time professional fee based on the candidate's first year compensation. This fee is a percentage based on the first year's salary.

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What happens if the employee does not work out as planned?

Occasionally an employee does not work out or decides to move on to another position. If this happens with a contract employee, we will provide a replacement employee. For permanent searches we provide a three-month guarantee so that should the individual resign or be dismissed within three months of the start date of employment, we will find a suitable replacement at no additional cost.

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What sets Staffmax apart from other recruitment firms?

First and foremost, we believe in strong client relationships. Our goal is to make our clients happy by providing outstanding candidates and customer service. We maintain a small pool of top quality candidates and believe that it's our commitment to quality that differentiates us and the competition. We also invest considerable resources and a great deal of effort to attract the best people. We are also a Canadian owned and operated company and are proud of our roots.

Secondly, we are committed to a personal approach. We use sophisticated technology to track and match candidates to opportunities. However, we believe technology can only go so far. We listen. We get to know our clients and candidates well beyond job descriptions and resumes. We pay close attention to the character of your organization along with the personal and professional aspirations of each candidate -- all with a view towards finding the candidate who fits not only your role, but your company as well.

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